By Brendan Maloy
May 23, 2014

(Nathaniel S. Butler/National Basketball/Getty Images) (Nathaniel S. Butler/National Basketball/Getty Images)

Ron Harper has plenty to brag about, having won five NBA championships in a 15-year NBA career, so The Onion wrote an article about how Harper also claims that he was on the Dream Team, because that is a funny concept and The Onion is a funny satirical newspaper.

Unforunately, Harper missed out on The Onion while he was busy playing basketball so he, like many people with Internet access, became confused and upset when he saw what he thought was a genuine news report about him lying about his Olympic resume.

The former Chicago Bull and Los Angeles Laker also appears to be upset that the article says he gets his groceries at Stop & Shop, so we have to assume he is more of a Trader Joe's guy.


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