By Brendan Maloy
June 05, 2014


Séan Garnier is the world champion of "freestyle soccer", which is a sort of And 1 mixtape variant of the sport. So when he got the full Uncle Drew treatment from online retailer Coppel, he was well prepared to bring some shame to pick-up soccer players.

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Garnier does a good job of selling his age by starting off slow, and letting the other players start to call him out for his inability to keep up. That's what makes it so satisfying when he finally unleashes his arsenal of jaw-dropping tricks on everyone.

As if getting schooled by a senior citizen is not bad enough, Garnier adds insult to injury with his final flourish, pulling an opposing defenders pants down before scoring a goal.

If you are wondering how Garnier would do against some stiffer competition, he did take on Brazilian star Neymar in a freestyle challenge and more than held his own.




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