By Nicole Conlan
June 09, 2014


This footage of a man stealing a souvenir bat from another fan in a neck brace emerged recently. While we'd like to think some public shaming would put an end to this kind of behavior, we at Extra Mustard have unfortunately seen too many incidents of fans shamelessly stealing souvenir items too many times to think that anything is going to change. We did a round up of fans fighting over objects in March, but since then, regrettably, we have several more examples of fans showing a pretty basic lack of humanity.

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Here's a round-up of the most shameless incidents of adults fighting for souvenir items... in the past few months.

1. Adult Wrestles Towel Away From Tweens at the French Open

2. Adult Red Sox Fan Steals Ball From Little Kid

3. Adult Steals Kyle Lowry's Shoes From Another Adult

4. Adult Steals Hockey Stick From Young Canadiens Fan

5. Adults Try to Prevent Derek Jeter From Giving a Ball to a Little Girl

6. Two Adults Fight Over a Bat

[mlbvideo id="31870087" width="600" height="338" /]

7. Two OTHER Adults Fight Over a Bat

[mlbvideo id="33536971" width="600" height="338" /]

Jeez, everyone. Why can't we just settle our souvenir disputes amicably, like these fans:

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