Jay Williams is a Belieber, calls Justin Bieber inspiring ... no seriously

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We have been waiting for the former Duke point guard to say he was hacked -- plausably done by one of Justin Bieber's infamously rabid fans -- but alas, it's real: Jay Williams is a Belieber. 

And not just your run-of-the-mill Bieber fans who thinks the Canadian pop superduperstar possesses some redeeming qualities and is unfairly targeted by TMZ, Perez Hilton et al. No, the ESPN analyst took to Twitter to explain Justin Bieber -- yes that Justin Bieber -- is, and now I'm quoting, inspirational. 

We will forgive Jay for his hashtag fail because he's clearly new to the Justin Bieber fan game. Hard to imagine his former teammates and cohorts at ESPN won't have a field day with this tweet/photo, falling under one of the all-time 'Cool story bro,' categories. 

The internet was predictably amused. 

But you can't be too mad at Williams, or question his judgment because he's dating Charissa Thompson and you're, well ... not.