The World Cup has had many breakout superstars, but none was bigger than Shaheen the camel.

By Chris Mascaro
July 09, 2014

The World Cup has had many breakout superstars, including 22-year-old Colombian James Rodriguez, who scored six goals in five games.

But even he had been overshadowed by one man — er, camel — Shaheen.

Extra Mustard
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Discovered by Gulf News, an English-language newspaper in Dubai, Shaheen had been right on 18 of the 27 matches he'd predicted for a two-thirds success rate. In the round of 16, he picked seven of the eight winners and he had been picking at a 75 percent clip in the knockout round — until Tuesday.

He had a chance to match 2010 World Cup prognosticator Paul the Octopus with a hot finish, but alas, he picked Brazil to beat Germany, making him feel a lot like these folks.

Or maybe not, since he's a camel.


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