By Extra Mustard
July 18, 2014
courtesy of UT San Diego

105-year-old Agnes McKee will become the oldest person to toss the ceremonial first pitch at a Padres game on Sunday, UT San Diego reports.

McKee, who said she hopes the Padres have a winning season in her lifetime, said she plans to throw the pitch with her right arm, while leaning on a walker with her left arm.

From FOX 5 San Diego:

“I am very honored to do this, it’s exciting and I hope I can get through it,” McKee said.

“When this happened I tried to learn some of the names of the ball players in case somebody asks me that,” said McKee. “My husband played baseball and we went to many games when we lived in Cleveland.”

Regardless, we're sure McKee won't land on's list of worst first pitches.

- Sarah Barshop

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