By Andy Gray
July 18, 2014

Joe Torre in the 1970s

It's Joe Torre's 74th birthday and we're celebrating with his best photos from the '70s. So grab your disco shoes, grow your mutton chops and enjoy these photos of Torre.

New Couple Alert: Russell Wilson and Lolo Jones? 

The Seahawks quarterback was seen cozying up to the Olympic track star at an ESPYs after-party hosted by Drake. I'm not sure how accurate this one is, but I'm going with the "it was in the New York Post so it must be true" philosophy. 

Johnny Snickers

Fresh off his gig as a Nissan spokesman, Johnny Manziel has locked up an endorsement deal with Snickers, which I just found out is the world's most popular candy bar.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Guyism has its 101 hottest celebrity Instagram pics of the week, which includes the great Gemma Lee Farrell ... Olivia Munn has a new photo shoot out for Esquire ... Natasha Barnard still looks good in lingerie.

The Carmelo

​For those who complain I don't feature enough art and painting on Hot Clicks, here is Carmelo Anthony posing in Nottingham forest in a robe with a sword.

The Most Interesting Prospect In College Football

Meet Equanimeous St. Brown, who is trilingual, the son of a two-time Mr. Universe and the recipient of scholarship offers at LSU, Notre Dame, USC and Stanford. Though frankly, he had us at Equanimeous.

LeBron's Impact On Free Agency

There's been a lot of talk about "the dominoes falling after LeBron makes his decision." This visualization looks at those dominoes (66 players in all) and the teams (18) that were affected by his decision.

Odds & Ends

The Oakland Raiders cheerleaders are now making minimum wage ... The best and worst NASCAR street tributes ... This is how the seven Canadian NHL teams would look If every player went home like LeBron ... Arkansas has officially trademarked the "Wooo! Pig Sooie!" chant ... This U.S. map shows how much you need to earn to be happy living in your state ... Seven ways to make bad wine more drinkable. ... The HCA, otherwise known as the Hot Clicks archives.

Look Out For A.J. Hawk

The Packers linebacker tackled a fan while playing in the American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament. Though in fairness, the fan asked for it.


Lance Stephenson Blows Out Candles

The Hornets newest acquisition pokes fun at his much-discussed blowing incident.

Joe Torre Addresses His Team

Torre addresses the Yankees after they came back from an 0-2 deficit to the A's.


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