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LeBron James video memes are taking the Internet by storm

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When LeBron James turned his back on Cleveland and joined two other stars in Miami four years ago, many wrestling fans immediately saw a parallel to WCW's iconic nWo story (as our Kyle Schmitt wrote about here). 

Video memes that pasted LeBron's face onto Hulk Hogan's body were made. Even before LeBron announced his intentions, we released a Drew Carey mashup: 

Naturally, LeBron's return to Cleveland was dubbed a "face turn" -- wrestling slang for when a bad guy realizes his mistakes and decides to do good -- by wrestling fans, and YouTube user "Rum and Jokes" has taken the liberty to make this genius video, tying LeBron's return to another iconic wrestling moment: when "Macho Man" Randy Savage reunited with Miss Elizabeth, his exchanged wife, after losing to the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VII 23 years ago. 

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All the parallels are on point: LeBron as Savage, the superstar who just lost on the biggest stage; Dan Gilbert as the old partner, looking to forgive and reunite; Tim Duncan as the Ultimate Warrior, who beat down Savage in ways no one could have imagined; and Pat Riley as Sensational Sherri, the manipulative, power-hungry manager. 

Miami fans though, see LeBron's return to Cleveland as a betrayal, and another fan made this video, withLeBron bashing Bosh and Wade with chairs behind their backs.

And then there's this clip, which has nothing to do with wrestling, but it's equally apt: LeBron as Lloyd Christmas, redeeming his dumb decision and turning around to Ohio.

On a final note, it's sad to look back at the Wrestlemania VII clip and realize that, all four major players in the scene -- Warrior, Savage, Elizabeth, Sherri -- are no longer alive.