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Manchester United's home shown as 'Old Traddord' at FedEx Field

The scoreboard at FedEx Field graciously welcomed Manchester United stateside with a little video announcement that misspelled the name of the club's home stadium as 'Old Traddord' instead of 'Old Tafford.' It was left up and on display for hours. 

People and teams that operate in FedEx Field are having increasing difficulty choosing the right names, it seems — whether it's the name of an intractable team that plays there, or the name of a visiting English Premier League club's home stadium. 

FedEx Field hosted Manchester United and Inter Milan on Tuesday night as the two clubs played an International Champions Cup match. Scoreboard operators welcomed the Red Devils to the pitch with electronic signage labeling their home pitch as 'Old Traddord.' OK, so, someone hit the 'd' key a few times instead of the 'f' key. This isn't the most grievous sin given the two keys' adjacent position on a keyboard. 

But then again, no one corrected the error. For like an hour. They just left it dangling there in front of both teams, an awkward anti-testament to U.S. level of awareness of the international game.

Those in attendance tweeted out images of the slow burning name-fail. Thomas Floyd from GoalUSA put it this way:

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- Will Green