Cavaliers fan gets henna tattoo of LeBron James and Kevin Love on his back

A Cleveland Cavaliers fan had Kevin Love and LeBron James in Cavs jerseys drawn on his back by a henna artist.
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Rather than wait until the end of the month, when Kevin Love is expected to be traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, one Cavs fan has decided to celebrate his team's good fortune this offseason by getting Love and LeBron James drawn on his back by a henna artist, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.

16-year old Nick Grossman was in Virginia Beach when he saw a henna artist's booth that showed samples of Love and James with Timberwolves and Heat uniforms.

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"I asked if they could put LeBron and Love in Cavs jerseys instead and they said they could if I showed them what the jersey looked like,"

For those of you hoping for a delightful dose of schadenfreude should the trade not happen, ESPN reports that the henna tattoo is not permanent and the ink usually lasts around one month.


-Brendan Maloy