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Hunter Pence gets trolled again, this time by Brewers fans

Apparently Hunter Pence getting blasted with mildly insulting fan signs has become trend, and it's spreading across the country.

After suffering through some pretty bizarre taunts from fans in New York while the Giants played a series against the Mets, San Francisco traveled to Milwaukee on Tuesday to play against the Brewers and the hating didn't stop as Brewers fans also took their best shot at the 31-year-old outfielder:

The Giants won three of four in New York so I guess Pence had the last laugh but now #HunterPenceSigns has become an actual hashtag on Twitter. 

The Giants leave Milwaukee on Thursday for a series on the road against the Royals.

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Let's hope perhaps that the fans in Kansas City have some sympathy for the poor guy. 

- Marc Weinreich