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Shaquille O'Neal used to get naked, surprise attack Suns' teammates

Shaquille O'Neal used to get naked and surprise attack his Phoenix Suns teammates with "Brazilian naked wrestling" matches as a prank, according to former coach Alvin Gentry.

Former Phoenix Suns coach Alvin Gentry was recently asked about any notable locker room pranks he had seen during his time in the NBA, and Gentry's mind of course turned to Shaquille O'Neal, who he said had a particularly terrifying piece of team building while in Phoenix.

The coach said "every few days or every week or so" the big man would come barreling around a locker room corner completely nude and tackle a teammate or coaching staff member to the ground where he would roll around with them in what he called "Brazilian naked wrestling."

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Gentry admitted that he was one of Shaq's many victims in this "game," which is probably hilarious if you are watching and mortifying if you are being manhandled by a 7"1', 300+ lbs. naked man.

This is not the first of Shaq's Suns shenanigans that Gentry has spilled the beans on either, although it is certainly the most disturbing.



-Brendan Maloy