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Daniel Bryan is hoping to be invited to CenturyLink Field this season to not only hoist the 12th Man flag, but to lead the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants for his favorite team

By Jon Robinson
August 19, 2014

From his beard-off with Josh Reddick to the San Francisco Giants celebrating home runs in the dugout with his trademark “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan’s influence on sports and pop culture is unmistakable -- even if all the attention can be somewhat overwhelming at times to the popular wrestler.

“I really didn’t expect any of this to happen, it’s unbelievable” Bryan told Extra Mustard during a recent press event for the upcoming video game, WWE 2K15. “I don’t really follow pop culture or sports, other than the Seahawks. I love the Seahawks, but I’ll get messages all the time like, ‘Did you see this team doing the Yes! chant?’ I remember during basketball season, Titus O’Neil told me to turn on ESPN and the Michigan State basketball team was doing the chant."

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“Whenever that happens, all I can think is, ‘Are all these people really doing what I do?’ I can’t believe how it caught on. It’s something cool and something really humbling, but at the same time, it’s just so weird because I’m such a normal dude.”

As for Bryan’s passion for the Super Bowl champs, the wrestler is hoping to be invited to CenturyLink Field this season to not only hoist the 12th Man flag, but to lead the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants for his favorite team, whipping the NFL’s loudest crowd into even more of a frenzy.

“Oh my gosh, I would love the opportunity,” said Bryan. “It would be a really fun, special moment, and if the Seahawks actually asked me to do it, the whole thing would just blow my mind.”


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