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The 10 hottest college football players of 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of year: college football season. There’s something about the brisk air of a college game day that makes you feel good inside. Your friends, your school, your team – it all comes together in perfect harmony. But let's take a moment to remember those young men who put themselves in harm's way for our entertainment. Many fans are less interested in the game itself and more interested in the strapping young men playing it.

A football uniform can make anyone look more attractive. Maybe it’s the shoulder pads that accentuate their muscles or those wonderful spandex pants. Whatever it may be, it’s hot. We painstakingly looked through over 6,000 player profiles to bring you this year’s hottest college football players (who are all over the age of eighteen, I promise). You're welcome.

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1. Jason Meehan

Senior Defensive End | Northern Illinois

I'm gonna have to defend my heart against those pretty eyes.

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2. Joel Stave

Junior Quarterback | Wisconsin

He's the QB for a top-15 team. And he looks good sweaty. Enough said.

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3. Shakiel Randolph

Junior Defensive Back | Southern Methodist University

How do I get my teeth to look that perfect?!

4. Chase Williams

Senior Linebacker | Virginia Tech

Chase Williams or scruffy Clark Kent? You decide.

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5. Blake Countess

Junior Defensive Back | Michigan

Reggie Bush 2.0… without the illegal gifts, of course.

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6. Jake Hartbarger

Incoming Freshman Kicker | Michigan State

Did this guy come straight from an Abercrombie shoot, or was he just born perfectly-coiffed?

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7. Jared Crump

Sophomore Wide Receiver | Wake Forest

The headband looks so much better on Jared than LeBron.

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8. Andrew East

Senior Long Snapper | Vanderbilt

I think Sunshine from Remember the Titans has been reincarnated as Andrew East. Shawn Johnson is one lucky lady.

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9. Cam McDaniel

Senior Running Back | Notre Dame

Cam McDaniel’s helmet was knocked off, he’s in the middle of being tackled while still holding on to the football and he still looks like he’s in the middle of shooting a magazine ad.

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10. Grayson Levine

Senior Defensive Back | Minnesota

I wish I would’ve taken this picture… because then it would mean I got to wake up to this beautiful face.

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