By Andy Gray
September 03, 2014

If Quarterbacks Were Bald

Eli Manning ::

With NFL kickoff a day away, tackled one of the biggest questions going into the season: What would quarterbacks look like if they were bald? In Eli Manning's case, the answer is not very good. Check out the rest of the bunch, which includes RGIII and Johnny Manziel, as well as last year's version.

Rory McIlroy, Sleep Interrupter. 

Rory McIlory is the world's top-ranked golfer and, by most accounts, a really good guy (except for that whole Caroline Wozniacki breakup). His sense of humor, though, could use a little work. On the plane ride home from the Deutsche Bank Championship in Boston, McIlroy spotted his caddy, JP Fitzgerald, catching up on his sleep. Instead of just letting the poor guy rest after a long weekend carrying around golf clubs, he yelled in his face and woke him up. And since it's 2014, he put the whole thing on Instagram.

Donovan McNabb Is Not a Nick Foles Fan

The former Eagles QB was asked if the current Eagle is a franchise quarterback. As you can guess from the headline, McNabb has his doubts. If this upsets any Philly fans (they can be a sensitive bunch), here's a great Eagles hype video for the upcoming season.

Lovely Lady of the Day

I've gotten a bunch of requests for Devin Brugman, who runs the A Bikini a Day website, and this seems like the ideal time to feature her as an LLOD (click here for full-size gallery). If you like girls in bikinis, I suggest you check out her site.

Join the Hot Clicks Pick'em Pool

Apologies for this being so late but there will be a Hot Clicks Pick'em Pool and you should join. I will award a grand prize for first place and something smaller for second and third. I'm not sure yet what any of these will be. Go to and register. From there, choose "Join a private pool" and then "Pro Football Pick'ems." The Pool ID is "HotClicks35" and the password is "reggielewis." If you're sick of pick'em games, may I suggest this exciting new game we're offering on Fan Nation. All you need to do is pick a QB, RB and WR/TE each week and you can email friends and challenge them directly. 

A Practical Cubs Fan

Fans getting World Champion tattoos before the season begins is all the rage, but this Cubs fan went in a different direction. His World Champions tattoo just has the year 20-- with the last two numbers blank. According to my math, that gives him 85 years to win it. I like his chances.

This Wouldn't Happen in America

A 22-year-old who stormed the field during a Premiere League game faced a judge to get punished for his actions. The judge made a bunch of jokes about the player's form and fined him just 305 pounds (about $500) instead of the maximum 5,000 pounds. The fan joined a crowdfunding site to pay the fine and it was almost fully paid after just a day.

From the SI Vault

Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris :: AP

On this day in 1961, Yankees outfielders Roger Maris (left) and Mickey Mantle become the first teammates to hit 50 home runs in the same season. Maris would finish the year with an MLB record 61 round-trippers while Mantle finished with 54. For more classic sports pics, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds and Ends

There will be a giveaway in PM Clicks. Skull Candy headphones will be involved. Follow me on Twitter for more details ... The Twins surveyed their fans by asking them which car their team most resembled ...  Pete Rose served as honorary leadoff hitter for the Florence Freedom last night ... Sidney Crosby was not arrested in Ottawa. It was all a hoax ... Tracy McGrady is considering a comeback and has been working out with Kobe Bryant ... FIU really needs a new athletic director ... Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly is proud of his plaid jacket ... Kanye West continues his quest to be the most unlikable man alive ... Here's what happened to your favorite TV animals

Elephant Dunks Basketball

I don't really know the context for this but who cares? It's an elephant dunking a basketball! (H/T Pro Basketball Talk)

This Made Me Love Wisconsin

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Hays revive their Airplane characters in a new tourism ad for Wisconsin.


Major League Video of the Day

It's Charlie Sheen's birthday, which is a good excuse to bust out this classic scene from Major League.

Wheel of Musical Impressions

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon show off their musical impressions.

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