By Alexis Morgan
September 04, 2014

At Extra Mustard, we like to leave the hard, statistical analysis and researched football predictions to the experts in SI’s NFL section (you can see their predictions here). But just because we don’t know how to do complicated Fantasy Football calculations or where we left the keys to our office doesn’t mean we can’t make NFL predictions of our own. Today’s the last day to draft a fantasy team, and we have some thoughts about who Drake is going to pick.

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Drizzy is generally acknowledged as one of sport’s biggest bandwagon fans, a reputation he addressed before hosting the ESPYs in July. “I have a lot of friends that play for a lot of teams. I’m not team jumping. I’m a supportive friend,” he told Complex Magazine.  Supportive friend or fair-weather fan, we’ve got a pretty good idea of who Drake is drafting.


Via Drake's Instagram
Quarterback: Johnny Manziel

This is a blatantly obvious choice for the former Degrassi star. The Manziel-Drake relationship (reDraketionship?) began somewhere around spring of last year and has blossomed into a full on brOVOmance. The Browns QB was already a huge fan of the rapper, so much so that he had “OVO,” the name of Drake’s marketing movement, tattooed on his wrist before even meeting the rapper. The two can be seen on any given night partying at various night clubs across the country, throwing up money gestures or taking Instagram pictures together. The Toronto-raised rapper says Manziel “is part of his family and his brother.” Win or lose (surprisingly), Johnny will always be number one in Drake’s heart.

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First String WR: Calvin Johnson

Although Drake doesn’t have any formal ties to Megatron, we believe Johnson will be the top choice for Drake’s receiving corps on Draft Day. Why? Because he’s the best in the league. The hype around the Lions’ wide receiver is enough to make Drake swoon. Fortunately for Drake, Johnson continuously lives up to his aforementioned publicity. Unhealthy, he tallied almost 1,500 yards and 12 TDs for Detroit last year. Now that he’s fully recovered, he’ll be a volatile threat on Sundays.

via Beckman's Instagram
Second String WR: Odell BeckHAM, Jr.

The Giants rookie wideout was the twelfth pick of the draft this year. While we don’t expect him to have a heavy impact on the scoreboard for standard fantasy leagues, he looked like he had a fun time with Drake and Manziel after the draft and calls our favorite dynamic duo “the fam.”

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First String RB: LeSean McCoy

This one was a tough call: Adrian Peterson or LeSean McCoy? Draft experts could debate on this topic all day, but we think Drake will choose McCoy (a.k.a. “Shady”). The Eagles back is an all-around threat and a physical beast. He’s younger and doesn’t have as much wear and tear as AP. Don’t get me wrong, Peterson is still an excellent option; McCoy just has the slight advantage here. McCoy also has ties to Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill, who Drake says is responsible for "one of the best rap moments" of our generation and sported a Free Meek Mill shirt during a tour stop in the Big Apple.

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Second String RB: Matt Forté

Forte is a sleeper when it comes to names like McCoy, Peterson and Jamaal Charles but he definitely deserves some attention. He’s a safe option for Drake’s second team and was mentioned in his hit “The Motto,” the song that changed the way millennials viewed their lives. #YOLO. 

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Defense: Seahawks

The Seahawks’ defense has been ranked number-one going into the fantasy season for two straight years. They’re coming off a fresh Super Bowl win, with the fewest points and yards allowed and the most forced turnovers in the league last year. And of course, guess who was at Seahawks practice last December? You guessed right: Drizzy. Since when has Drake ever been a Seattle fan?

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Russell Wilson (Bench)


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MatThew Stafford (Bench)
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