Twitter is confused by CBS running last year's Auburn-Alabama game

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Lightning delayed the SEC showdown between No. 6 Georgia vs. No. 24 South Carolina, which left CBS without a game to show. Mercifully, they eschewed the common reaction by having the studio tap dance and vamp until the storm subsided, and instead ran the video of last year's classic game between Alabama and Auburn.

You remember, the Chris Davis game.

But apparently Twitter didn't figure it out. The fact that players like AJ McCarron and Dee Ford now reside in the NFL, not college football, hasn't stopped people from being very confused as to what exactly is going on. As you can imagine, many people deleted their tweets after they realized -- CBS was running a scroll at the bottom to tell them to, but maybe reading isn't the forte of these Mensa candidates -- but we captured a few for posterity because nothing ever truly disappears from the interwebs.

The rest of Twitter figured it out and began live-tweeting the rocket scientists "live-tweeting" something that happened 10 months ago.

If you want to have faith in humanity, Twitter is often the wrong place to look. But you know what? Screw it. War Damn Eagle!