September 25, 2014

Hey everybody! Your usual Hot Clicks czar Andy Gray is out in that coffee-stained, Pac-NW jewel of Seattle this weekend, which has left his duties this morning to the likes of me, Luke Winkie, the guy who's usually moaning about John Cena. Don't worry, we'll get through this, and I promise you won't even notice a difference.

The Daily Show Does the Washington Redskins Segment to End all Washington Redskins Segments

This The Daily Show with Jon Stewart piece from last night might be the best skewering of the Washington nickname debate thus far. The intrepid Jason Jones tracks down a group of pro-nickname fans and goads them into saying controversial things. It then brings in a cavalcade of Native American protesters so these two VERY DIFFERENT groups of people get to have a conversation face to face. The awkwardness might kill you, but it’s for a good cause.

DeAngelo Williams Wears Goggles After Steve Smith’s Warning

You know, I don’t spend too much time thinking about DeAngelo Williams. I’m not a Panthers fan, and he’s the sort of guy you don’t end up drafting until the 12th round moments after saying, “Oh man, that’s right! Running back!” But that might’ve been misguided, because DeAngelo Williams seems like a funny guy. Steve Smith Sr., aka the most terrifying human in all of sports, recently told the public that his former team better be wearing their goggles because there’ll be “blood and guts everywhere.” Williams, who apparently can’t see death even when its inches from his face, complied, happily complied, and wore a pair of goggles to his press interviews. It appears that DeAngelo Williams is a braver man than all of us.

Michael Jordan, Still Retired

I know this is the slot where you normally would see a particularly lovely lady, and we’ll get to that! But first you need to see these pictures of Michael Jordan stalking the Ryder Cup with a massive cigar between his teeth. In case you’re wondering, this is Michael Jordan’s “YOU CAN’T TELL ME NOTHING” face.

LLOD: Minka Kelly

Our Lovely Lady this week is actress, and former Jeter beau Minka Kelly. Her career has slowed down a bit since her late-last-decade heyday, but let me be the latest person to strongly recommend Friday Night Lights. Kelly plays a dysfunctional cheerleader, caught between her now-paralyzed boyfriend and her now-paralyzed boyfriend’s best friend, and it’s remarkably effective stuff. If you need a reason to feel optimistic about football right now (and let’s be honest, we all do,) then let the beautiful soul of Lyla Garrity take you away this weekend. (click here for full-size gallery)

The Greatest YouTube Basketball Mix Ever?


I wrote this week about how the nature of YouTube NBA mixes will forever change the way we watch basketball, and that got me to thinking, what’s the best basketball mix of all time? My favorite is this epic-long string of Shaq highlights that remind you in brutal detail why those early-millennium Nets teams were doomed. What’s your favorite basketball mix?

Um, Hunter Pence, We’re Live

You know, you shouldn’t broadcast live from a locker room that’s just won a division, you never know >what you might end up hearing.

Odds and Ends

Jeff Taylor’s impressive string of arrests… An investigation into Ryan Tannehill’s weird thumbs16 things Yankees fans will miss about Derek Jeter … Derek Jeter’s walk-off with no commentary, just fan noise… man makes a video of himself doing 170 push-ups … Derek Jeter’s nephew tips his RE2PECT hat … Steve Ballmer wants to make the Clippers a non-Apple organization.

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