6 questions for Katie Castan, the Royals fan who's getting a puppy

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Yesterday started out pleasantly enough for Katie Castan, an ad accounts manager in Kansas City. When she headed to the Royals game after, she entered as a fan, but left as a celebrity. 

Twitter blew up after Castan was spotted in the stands holding a sign that said, "If we win, he's buying me a puppy." It didn't seem likely -- the Royals were down for most of the game. But in the end, they turned things around, both for themselves and one lucky puppy who will be taking up residence in the Castan household.

The soon-to-be dog owner was kind enough to answer the six questions we've been dying to know.

  1. Q. How did you guys come to this agreement?
    A. It started earlier this summer. My boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch at home, watching the Royals game. We were both grumpy after a long day of work, and I wanted to change the channel. So he told me, "If you can watch the games with me this season, if you understand what's going on, if you can name the players, and if they make it to the playoffs, then I'll get you a puppy."
  2. Q. Oh, well my next question was going to be "How long have you been a Royals fan?," but you just answered it.
    Haha, I've always loved going to the games, but I was never the kind of fan who watched at home or followed them over the course of the season. I've actually learned a lot, and you can definitely count me as a Royals fan now.​
  3. Q. As a new Royals fan, what was your favorite moment of the season?​
    I mean, it's hard to beat last night. The game was amazing, obviously, but also seeing our phones start to blow up was cool. They died before the game was over, and then when we got home and plugged our phones back in and looked, people were going crazy. It was very surreal, but cool.

  4. Q. Time for the elephant in the room. People are saying you left the game early. Did you?
    A. No! What happened was, the Royals were down, so we went to meet some friends at a bar near the fountain at Kaufman Stadium. So we got up and gave our tickets to some people who were standing and met up with our friends. When we got to the outfield, things started turning around. We realize we couldn't leave from that spot, because there was some good ju-ju going on. So we stayed there and watched the rest of the game, and they won.
  5. Q. Were you going to get a puppy regardless of the outcome?
    We had talked about getting a puppy, but only in vague terms. There were no parameters until we made this agreement. When things started coming together, we both kept our promises. I work at an ad agency, and one of our design people made that sign for me. We're going to go to a shelter called the KC Pet Project soon to see who we can adopt.
  6. Q. Most important question of all: What are you going to name the puppy?
    The name is definitely going to be Royals-related. Right now, I'm thinking about Rally, but Finn is also in the running, and Perez. And Dyson is kind of a funny name, because it's also a brand of vacuum, which dogs hate, haha. But right now Rally is my favorite.

So, readers, let's help her out. What do you think the puppy should be named?

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