NFL players can no longer wear Beats by Dre headphones on camera

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If you enjoy seeing your favorite NFL stars rocking Beats by Dre, a popular brand of fashion accessories which also double as headphones, prepare to be hit with some devastating news. According to a recent announcement from the league, players will no longer be allowed to wear Beats on camera due to the NFL's partnership with Bose.

Take it away, spokesperson:

The NFL has longstanding policies that prohibit branded exposure on-field or during interviews unless authorized by the league. These policies date back to the early 1990s and continue today. They are the NFL’s policies – not one of the league’s sponsors, Bose in this case. Bose is not involved in the enforcement of our policies. This is true for others on-field.

The ban will extend to TV interviews conducted during pre-season training camps or practice sessions and on game day, and post-game interviews conducted in the locker room or on the podium.

In a statement by Beats, a company spokesperson said, “Over the last few years athletes have written Beats into their DNA as part of the pre-game ritual. Music can have a significant positive effect on an athlete’s focus and mental preparedness and has become as important to performance as any other piece of equipment.”

Why can't the #brands just get along?!


-- Stu White