By Extra Mustard
October 16, 2014

The Patriots-Jets rivalry has been a bit lopsided recently; New England has won seven of the last ten matchups. But with the two teams set to play again on Thursday night, the Patriots couldn't pass up an opportunity to talk a little trash. 

Mark Sanchez tells Nick Foles to 'try the chicken tenders'​

That, of course, is the low point of Mark Sanchez's tenure with the Jets: Thanksgiving night, 2012. The Patriots beat the Jets 49-19 at the Meadowlands. Sanchez did not have his worst game passing (301 yards and a touchdown with a 72 percent completion rate), but his "butt fumble" early in the second quarter became a hallmark of his futility.

The Jets, meanwhile, are making spelling errors on their social media pages.

- Dan Gartland

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