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By Extra Mustard
October 20, 2014

American football is about as foreign to Brits as cricket is to Americans, so to help prospective attendees in the UK, StubHub wrote up a quick explanation of why they should go watch teams like the Raiders and Jaguars. 

StubHub describes the three London games (Raiders-Dolphins, Lions-Falcons and Jaguars-Cowboys) as "three season-defining matches of unbelievable quality." This is patently false.

Redskins fan held a crow on her lap at FedEx Fiel​d

It also describes the Raiders and Dolphins, with one playoff appearance between them since 2002, as teams with "lofty expectations."

By far the saddest thing is the way StubHub describes the Jaguars as "the team fast becoming fan favourites in the UK." Oh no.

West Brom tried to troll Marouane Fellaini, but then Fellaini scored​

- Dan Gartland

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