English soccer club uses confiscated marijuana lights to grow grass

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Growing grass for soccer fields (sorry, "football pitches") in chilly, sun-deprived England can sometimes be difficult. 

But Rochdale AFC, a club in England's third division, has found a solution. They're using lights confiscated by local police in marijuana raids.

Oli Makin, the head groundskeeper at Rochdale's stadium, fastened the lamps to old goalposts so he could maneuver them to spots on the field in need of a touch-up.

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Makin told the BBC he got the idea from another club, Notts County, which did the same thing in March 2013. 

The club saved almost $50,000 by using lights donated by the police, Makin says.

The lights will come in handy this winter, but Makin has the pitch in perfect shape right about now. 

- Dan Gartland