By Andy Gray
October 24, 2014

Rare Photos of Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning was in a good mood yesterday until some loud fans and a disrespectful scoreboard operator flustered him like few defenses ever can. He's probably still upset about the enormous tube socks his parents made him wear growing up. Or maybe it's the Yankees jersey in frame two of the above gallery. Regardless, we have an all-encompassing collection of rare Peyton Manning photos that are worth five minutes of your time. Also, apologies to any Tennessee fans upset by this tweet I sent out Tuesday. It was just a joke. Please don't hurt me.

The Porn Star and Receiver

We told you yesterday about Notre Dame freshman receiver Justin Brent going on a date to the Knicks game with 42-year-old porn star Lisa Ann. First, this is a great PR stunt for Lisa Ann. Even if the date was PG-13, she wins because she's been talked about more in the past 48 hours than in the past three years. Second, it probably wasn't PG-13 since this (SFW) Instagram photo of the two in bed is spreading across the internet. Third, Darren Rovell is the worst. Seriously.

Concession Food Item of the Week

I usually find the most disgusting/awesome food item I can for this space, but I wanted to feature something Royals-related since they are in the World Series. So if the Pulled Pork Mac N' Jack Sausage isn't for you, check out the enormous Turkey Gobbler Sandwich, an $11 monster consisting of house-roasted turkey breast, stuffing, cranberry sauce and warm gravy on a freshly baked roll. If that doesn't do it for you, travel to South Korea and try the Zinger Double Down King, a bacon cheeseburger with fried chicken breasts as buns.​

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Old friend Cyrus from Boulder wrote in to request some photos of UFC Ring Girl Jhenny Andrade. I think that's an excellent suggestions (click here for full-size gallery and here for some other ring card girls) ... Emily DiDonato, a good friend of Hot Clicks, knows how to rock a bikini ... The 101 hottest celebrity Instagram pics of the week ... Did you know Donald Trump's wife was once in the SI Swimsuit issue?

Hot Clicks Giveaway: Giants and Royals Barware Sets

The good people at ManCrates are now offering Giants and Royals MLB Barware Crates, which consist of four pilsner glasses, four bottle openers/coasters, peanuts, beer nuts, cracker jacks and sunflower seeds. It's a pretty solid gift for the baseball fan in your life. I will send a MLB Barware Crate to the 50th, 100th and 150th person who emails me ( the name of the NBA player Steve Nash went grocery shopping with during a 2011 SI Photo Shoot. The answer is in Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks. Please make the subject line "ManCrates."

Update (Sunday, 8:58 p.m.): Contest is over. Winners will be notified. More giveaways coming this week.

Who Shrank The Rock?

Caroline Wozniacki Meets Mariah Carey


Best night ever! Got to celebrate my win today at @mariahcarey 's concert in Singapore! She was amazing!!

A photo posted by Caroline Wozniacki (@carowozniacki) on

SI's Best All-Time NBA Preview Cover

Bill Laimbeer :: Theo Westenberger/SI

Here are the rest of my favorites.

Hockey Players Are Tough

Odds & Ends

70 Reasons to watch the NBA this year ... Nick Saban showed a lot of class in writing this letter ... Tom Izzo's best Midnight Madness costumes ... The Royals peanut vendor has quite an arm ... The week's best hockey GIFs ... The weirdest sports merchandise found in the SkyMall catalog ... 20 maps that explain the NBA ... I love Chuck Todd but have to laugh at the backlash he's getting over this tweet ... The 10 most influential tweets of all time ... Game of Thrones received 86,000 applications for 600 extra roles in Spain.

Josh Childress is Angry

This is the most vicious elbow I've seen anyone throw at a basketball game.


Sammy Watkins is in Deep Thought

The Bills receiver was a guest on SINow today and was really stumped when we asked him how many buffalo wings he's eaten since joining the Bills.

Food Snobs Eat McDonald's

Two Dutch pranksters sneak into a large food-industry expo and ask attendees to sample their "new, organic alternative to fast food" from their "high-end restaurant." In reality, they are serving up cut-up pieces of what appears to be McDonald's fare, including muffins, burgers and nuggets. Make sure to enable English subtitles in "Settings." (H/T

Larry David's Seinfeld Cameos

Uproxx has collected all of Larry David's Seinfeld cameos, including his frantic search for a marine biologist.

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