By Andy Gray
November 06, 2014

Feel the Love

Friendship has been a major theme in sports the past few days. Whether it's Tom Brady chasing Julian "My Guy" Edelman down in the endzone or Boogie Cousins fist-pounding Omri Casspi for fixing his headband, athletes are going the extra mile to show their love. On Sunday, Caroline Wozniacki ran the NYC Marathon and Serena Williams was at the finish line to greet her. The two tennis stars have become great friends in the months since Rory McIlory unceremoniously dumped Wozniacki over the phone. Here's a closer look at their friendship.

A-Rod Urine Update

I don't think there are going to be any holiday card exchanges this year between Alex Rodriguez and the Sucart family. Yuri Succart is the cousin to whom A-Rod gave hush money to keep silent about his PED use. “I want you to put this in the paper,” Sucart's wife, Carmen, told the New York Daily News. “Alex is so poor, the only thing he has is money. He sleeps with his money, he will die with his money.” And if that isn't enough, Carmen also says that A-Rod once peed on a wall in the Sucart family home (which he owned) to mark it as his territory.

Best Rants and Meltdowns in Sports History

In honor of golfer Patrick Reed, we've collected the best rants and meltdowns of all time. Michigan women's hoops coach Kevin Borseth remains my fave.

Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day

Teri Hatcher ran the NYC Marathon. Now that she has been named the Hot Clicks Throwback LLOD, we can be sure that finishing the race was only the second-best part of her week (click here for full-size gallery). 

Hot Clicks Giveaway: New Era Caps

It's getting cold. You need to keep your head warm. That's where we come in. Our friends at New Era are excited about their line of winter knit hats and have given me four to give away. New Era is the official headwear of MLB and the NFL, has hundreds of licenses, collaborates with high profile personalities (ranging from Jeremy Scott to Kid Cudi) and is regularly seen on such A-list celebrities as Ashton Kutcher, Jay Z and Rihanna. I'll send hats (you can choose your team) to the 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th emailers who can tell me ( the name of the singer who ignored Tim Tebow at the Country Music Awards last night. The answer was in A.M. Hot Clicks. Please make the subject line "New Era."

Update (6:23 a.m.): Contest is closed. Winners have been notified. Thanks!

Humble Brag

NFL in 3D

Photographer Mike Sternoff sent me this batch of photos from Sunday's game between the Raiders and the Seahawks. He shot the game with a Lytro Illum, a camera that takes 3D living pictures. Click to refocus, move the mouse to change perception and scroll to zoom. 

Vince Wilfork License History

Cincinnati Tea Party

Odds & Ends

Tom Brady will make cameo appearances in two movies this summer ... David Ortiz got scammed by purchasing imitation diamonds ... Fun with photoshop and the NYC Marathon ... The president of a Korean baseball league team was forced to resign after he was caught spying on his own players ... Joel McHale nominated Russell Wilson for Sportsman of the Year ... You gotta be an enormous Derek Jeter fan to buy all this dirt ... As if college students needed another reason to love Taco Bell ... Power rankings of NFL announcers. Cris Collinsworth did not do very well ... This video of Devon Still meeting his daughter at the airport is everything.

Shake It Off

Steve Spurrier is feeling the Taylor Swift vibe.


Steve Spurrier and Taylor Swift live by a similar mantra (by @JeffTynerGC) #ShakeItOff #Gamecocks

A video posted by GamecockCentral (@gamecockcentral) on

Japan's Next/First Hockey Star

Meet 11-year-old Aito Iguchi.

Dwight Howard Gets Pranked

This is pretty solid, even for the non-Howard fans out there.

Music Video of the Day

It's Glenn Frey's birthday, which is a great exuse to show this clip from The Eagles documentary about the time Frey and Don Felder nearly came to blows during a concert. 


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