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Jerk Saints fan steals football away from Bengals fan

Chivarly is so, so dead for this mean New Orleans Saints fan that snatched a gifted football away from a poor Cincinnati Bengals fan. 

It happens multiple times throughout every NFL game: a player crosses the goal line, celebrates his touchdown and then finds someone in the stands to gift the football to.

That's what happened after Cincinnati Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham hauled in a 1-yard touchdown pass from Andy Dalton in the third quarter of Sunday's game vs. the New Orleans Saints. It was Gresham's second touchdown of the day, and it gave the Bengals a 20-3 lead.

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So Gresham located a fan to gift this football to, eventually pointing out a fan sporting an A.J. Green jersey. After tossing the ball into the stands, however, plans quickly changed.

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Another view of this nonsense:

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Scoreboard, guy. Scoreboard.

No worries, though -- the Bengals fan got her football eventually.

[h/t Deadspin]