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Web browser extension keeps 'Redskins' off your screen

The push against the Washington Redskins' nickname isn't going to stop any time soon, but until the name is changed, there is a way to keep it off your computer screen.  

Three computer developers have designed a browser extension for Google Chrome called the "Redskins Web Skin," which replaces the name of Dan Snyder's franchise with "a more dignified term." Options include "Americans," "Piscataways," "Citizens," "Native Americans" and many others. 

You can download the program here

South Park takes on the Washington Redskins' nickname controversy

In June, the team had its trademark revoked on the grounds that it was "disparaging to Native Americans." Here's what our post on the decision looks like with the extension installed. 

washington redskins name change google chrome

Etsy will no longer allow Redskins merchandise

Snyder will probably keep using the standard settings on his browser. Actually, he probably won't even be able to install it. He definitely seems like an Internet Explorer kind of guy. 

- Dan Gartland

[via Mashable]