By Alexis Morgan
November 21, 2014

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? If you’re like me, you go straight to your phone and check Twitter. It’s all right; you’re not the only one. We’re a social society and social media is our way of life.

There’s a ton of great benefits of social media, like taking pictures while you’re out so it looks like you’re having more fun than you actually are, or stalking your ex to see what their new boyfriend looks like. It allows you to know more about your friends, random strangers, and most importantly, your favorite athletes.

Athletes on social media are maybe the best thing that has happened to sports. Unlike media interviews that are uninspiring and uninvolving (cough cough LeBron James), we get to see their unguarded and uncensored thoughts. While most athletes on social media are decently entertaining, some are just downright weird. Prepare to raise your eyebrows, because we’ve rounded up the weirdest athletes on social media.

1. JaVale McGee



A video posted by Pierre McGee (@javalemcgee_34) on

Seven-foot Nuggets center JaVale McGee was probably the odd man out for most of his life, but he’s a pretty odd guy on Twitter. All of his tweets are retweets of himself, and much of it makes no sense. Maybe he’s drinking a little too much water (#juglife). His coaches and teammates say that despite his Twitter presence, he's actually one of the smartest guys they know. But... well... I'm not so sure.

2. Chris Kaman

Portland NBA player Chris Kaman likes guns, hunting and killing animals. Oh and he’s also a fan of eating his kills and showing it to the world. Look, I got on Twitter to hear celebrity gossip and read hack jokes, not to see Bambi filleted before my eyes.

3. Jose Canseco

By now, you know that six-time MLB All-Star Jose Canseco accidentally shot his finger off last month, and he’s been raving about it ever since. We get it, you have nine fingers. Please stop tweeting about it. Apparently he’s selling the gun that did the damage along with the finger that fell off in the poker tournament. Say again?

**UPDATE** Apparently he was lying about his finger falling off. The Twitter weirdness continues.

4. Floyd Mayweather

Видео опубликовано Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather)

OK. We get it. You're the highest-paid athlete in the world. At this point, it just looks like you're trying WAY too hard.

And that's not even Mayweather's weirdest video, that's just the only one we could publish on our PG blog. Mayweather also trades in much more NSFW content on social media, which makes us uncomfortable because his young daughter follows him on Instagram. Yuck.

5. Chad Johnson

There are three things Ochocinco likes to Tweet about. Sneakers:

Big Beautiful Ladies:

And toilet stuff:

Oh wait... and uh... Gone Girl?

Wait and feminism? What?

6. Usain Bolt

The fastest man in the world needs a lesson on pep talks, because this is the weirdest one we've ever seen. Usain Bolt, why so serious? Also, this:

Usain Bolt sounds like he's using social media to warn us of a wizard's curse. So forbode, much scared.

7. Mike Tyson


Stay warm!

A photo posted by Mike Tyson (@miketyson) on

Mike Tyson may have been the heavyweight champ, but he’s also a champion of weird things to post on Instagram. See the above picture of Tyson sitting with the Abominable Snowman. He also has a few kissing babies and, of course, some with pigeons.


See... Babies love me!

A photo posted by Mike Tyson (@miketyson) on

8. Michael Del Zotto

And finally, the strange Twitter saga of NHL player Michael Del Zotto and porn star Lisa Ann:

Maybe the reason he was asking Lisa Ann to set him up with her friends is that he knew she's maybe possibly dating Notre Dame WR Justin Brent, which is also weird:


@nyknicks game with @justinbrent #nyc

A photo posted by thereallisaannxxx (@thereallisaannxxx) on

I know that picture from the Knicks game seems pretty tame, but bear in mind that the 18-year-old and 42-year-old also leaked a photo of them naked in bed together. So. You know.

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