By Andy Gray
December 04, 2014

Rare Photos of Magic Johnson

Big news!  Magic Johnson was named SI's second-ever Sportsman of the Year Legacy Award winner, making him the first professional athlete to receive the prestigious recognition. In honor of Magic's award, we dug into the SI archives for all the rare photos we could find of the five-time NBA champion.

Bad Holiday Gifts for NFL Fans

The holidays are coming and The Football Girl has put together a collection of "crap uglier than your ugliest sequined Christmas sweater from Walmart." My only issue is with the CrockPot, which I not only love but actually own and use (though mine is a Patriots one, not Seahawks). While we're on the subject of bad holiday gifts, Extra Mustard came out with its own collection, highlighted by this extraordinary NFL Wine Shoe. If you actually want a good present, check out's gift guide.

Which NFL Player is a Nudist?

It's Bernard Pollard, who said, "When I get into the facility, I’ll go get in the hot tub, shower, then go to my locker and just sit in my jock strap. I don't know what it is. I’ll put my jersey on my shoulder pads -- everything’s ready to go, but I just sit ... I am a nudist." 

Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day

I am/was a huge Growing Pains fan and was going to work up a gallery on Mike Seaver's girfriend (and Kirk Cameron's real-life wife) Chelsea Noble, who turned 50 today. But I was always more of a Julie fan. So I scratched my Chelsea Noble plan and went with Julie McCollough (click here for full-size gallery).

Allen Iverson's Message to 76ers

Spiderman on the Pitch

Dixieland Delight Gets Banned

Damn students and their f-bombs!

Great Moments in Running Race Signs

Visit Runner's World for a big collection of hilarious signs.

Courtesy of Runner's World
Courtesy of Runner's World

Odds & Ends

Photo: In honor of today's Knicks-Cavs game ... An Argentinean soccer player died after hooligans attacked him in a parking lot following a match ... Candlestick Park looks eerie as it awaits demolition ... Arian Foster busted out his British accent while talking to the media today ... Remember when Manute Bol buried six three-pointers in one half ... I want this Trailer Boys goalie mask ... This man drank 10 Cokes a day for 30 days. Bad things happened to his body ... Pizza Hut in Australia now makes a pizza with Doritos crust ... I can't wait to see Unbroken. If you haven't read the book, try to do so.

One Way to Use a Telestrator

​Ian Eagle got a little carried away thinking about the Nets upcoming road trip.

Ping-Pong Video of the Day

This video of armless table tennis player Ibrahim Hamato is a few months old but worth watching. 

Checking In, With Chris Cooley

The former Redskins tight end works the front desk of a Courtyard by Marriott.

Target Pep Talk

Who wouldn't want to work for this manager?

Hoosiers Pep Talk

I'll take any excuse to sneak a scene from Hoosiers into Hot Clicks.

Revenge of the Nerds Pep Talk

John Goodman is the best. 

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