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Aaron Rodgers enjoys an impressive variety of scotches

Aaron Rodgers discusses his taste in scotch.

Aaron Rodgers is already known for his discerning sense of humor, so it's little surprise that the Packers quarterback has an equally sophisticated taste for scotch.

On this week's Tuesdays with Aaron podcast on ESPN Wisconsin, a fan wrote in to note scotch's purported healing properties and to ask Rodgers his preferred brand of the drink. Apparently for Rodgers, the option isn't just a football term.

"I don't like the smokiness [when drinking scotch], so non-smoky," said Rodgers. "For my birthday I got a number of very good bottles, I enjoy any of the Glenlivets, I have 12 [which] is great, 15, 18...I got a couple bottles of 21...that's 21 years aged.

In my crystal [decanter]...I have Mccallan 12 right now. A buddy of mine got me some Lismore, aged 12 years, [and] I got some Glenmorangie from a good friend..."

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Not content with being one of the best quarterbacks in football, Rodgers appears to have devoted himself to drinking scotch, as well.

Should he and the Packers win this weekend and in the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, maybe he'll even let his teammates have some.

- Christopher Woody