By Ryan Wong
January 15, 2015

New Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan recently received one of the grosser-looking celebratory pizzas from his new team, featuring "Welcome Rex" written on it in big blue, red and green lettering. While the creamy text ended up  being dyed ricotta cheese, the pizza looked like a rather unappetizing pizza-cake monstrosity. So, in order to save the reputation of grand sports cakes, here's a rundown of some of the best cakes to ever be made for athletes.

Michael Strahan's Gap-Toothed Birthday Cake

For his 40th birthday, Michael Strahan received a birthday cake from his FOX NFL Sunday crew. There's no way it could be mistaken for anyone else's. 

Chris Bosh Got A Matching Cake For His Birthday

Tacky? Sure. But when it's your birthday, no one can tell you what to wear. You have to give Chris Bosh props for celebrating his 28th birthday in style.

Nike Communications/FYI PR

Jockey Laffit Pincay Jr. Eats Himself 

For his 53rd birthday, Laffit Pincay Jr. went head-first into the middle of a birthday cake shaped in the figure of... Laffit Pincay Jr. I hope the two at least shared dinner beforehand.

Jockey Laffit Pincay Jr. got a taste of his life-size cake for his 53rd birthday. That's awkward.

Michael Jordan's 26th Birthday Had A Nike Twist 

Why, yes. That is a birthday cake shaped in the silhouette of an Air Jordan IV and, not coincidentally, my next idea for a birthday cake.


Muhammad Ali's Birthday Cake Was Suitably Larger-Than-Life

For his 25th birthday, Muhammad Ali received a birthday cake which could have doubled as a small boxing ring.  

Ed Kolenovsky/AP

Johnny Manziel with the hugely appropriate birthday cake

Johnny "Football" "Money" Manziel went with a $600, 45-pound cake for his 22nd birthday. The only thing that could have made this cake more "Johnny Football" is if it featured Manziel's signature "money" hand signals.

Kelly Kandah/Colossal Cupcakes

Jeff Gordon's car makes for a ridiculous cake model

No, this isn't some miniature race car cake available at your local bakery. A car-sized cake shaped like Jeff Gordon's car was made for especially for the 2002 Du Pont Day.

The 2002 DuPont Day featured a cake shaped like Gordon's No. 24 race car.
Olya T.Evanitsky/SI

Ace of Cakes Commemorates the 40th Birthday of Monday Night Football

Charm City Cakes (who you might recognize from the Food Network's Ace of Cakes) was asked to make a cake fit for the 40th anniversary of the first Monday Night Football. They delivered with a cake which featured tier upon tier of television- and football-themed cake.

Food Network Twitter

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