By Extra Mustard
January 16, 2015


It's easy to forget that professional athletes have lives off the field, but this video starring current and former NFL stars is all about life outside the game. 

Toyota produced the video in the leadup to the company's Super Bowl ad campaign. Former Pro Bowlers Kurt Warner and LaVar Arrington and current NFL stars DeMarcus Ware and Fred Jackson discuss what fatherhood means to them. 

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Of course, the athletes' kids are also featured in the video, which Warner said was what the spot is all about. 

"The campaign’s fun from that standpoint, because so much of our lives and what we do goes way beyond the football field and it’s about what we do and the decisions and choices that we make to be fathers," Warner told "The kids make it, because the kids are the ones that are always humbling us and they’re the ones always showing us how our decisions affect them. How they recognize the things we do, and the sacrifices of maybe going off to do our jobs."

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