By Extra Mustard
January 19, 2015

On Monday afternoon, the Atlanta Hawks hosted the Detroit Pistons and honored Martin Luther King, Jr. with a presentation that was projected onto the team's court.

A full video of the presentation can be viewed here.

After the projection, the Hawks players were introduced by an Atlanta choir. 

Pioneering coach George Raveling's surprising connection to MLK

Last week, the NBA released a "barrier breakers" video that featured many basketball pioneers, not just the league's first black player. Yao Ming, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Hamed Haddadi and other players show the league's diversity. 

Bill Russell, the league's first black coach and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is also featured, along with Violet Palmer, the first female NBA referee.

Seahawks apologize for 'poor judgment' used with MLK Day tweet

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