Sad Seahawks fans leave NFC title game early, immediately regret it

Some sad Seahawks fans left the NFC Championship game early, and it was a bad decision.
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Things weren't looking good for the Seahawks after Russell Wilson threw his fourth interception of the game with Seattle down 19-7 and five minutes left in the NFC title game.

So some Seahawks fans decided to break a cardinal rule of sports fandom and left the game early.

It didn't take long for them to completely regret their decision.

Marshawn Lynch gives his mom the ball from his fourth-quarter TD

Wilson and the Seahawks rallied in the game's final two and a half minutes, with Wilson running for a one-yard touchdown and Seattle then recovering an onside kick. And after Marshawn Lynch ran for a 24-yard touchdown and Wilson connected on a two-point conversion to put the 'Hawks up 22-19 with 1:25 remaining, those fans really regretted it.

The Packers went on to tie the game and send it to overtime, but Seattle's magic was not to be denied, with Wilson throwing a 35-yard game-winning touchdown on the first possession of extra time.

Hopefully those fans learned their lesson.

- Molly Geary