Don't ask Julian Edelman for Super Bowl tickets - not even if you're family

Julian Edelman just says no when friends and family ask for Super Bowl tickets.
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The New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl, and in addition to preparing for the Seattle Seahawks, Patriots players now have to prepare for an influx of ticket requests from family and friends, according to Phil Perry of

The ticket request process can be so painful and take up so much time that a number of players view it as one of the most difficult parts of Super Bowl preparation. 

For Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, solution is simple: Just say no. 

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“I’m a pretty big a-hole to all my friends and family,” said Edelman. “They know that. When it’s football time it’s football time.”

Why would Edelman turn down all of the requests from family and friends? Because he wants to keep the Super Bowl preparations as close to regular game prep as possible. 

“I think you want to make the process as familiar as possible to what you’re used to by going out and preparing like you try to do everyday,” Edelman said. “Going in the hot tub, the cold tub, getting your treatment every day. It’s gonna be a little different."

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Edelman's pre-Super Bowl routine is influenced by his experience prior to New England's appearance in Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, when the Patriots lost to the New York Giants, 21-17. For Edelman and his teammates, eliminating new distractions is important to players trying to stick to their usual routines.

“Usually the team that can handle that stuff the best is usually the team that comes out with a win,” said Edelman.

- Josh Sanchez