By Extra Mustard
January 21, 2015

The Myrtle Beach Pelicans are hoping Deflategate remains a relevant national topic for another four months. 

The team announced Wednesday that it will host a "Deflate Cancer Night" on April 15.

Every fan will receive an inflatable baseball when they enter the stadium. Eleven out of every 12 will be properly inflated. 

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A local tire store will hand out pressure gages. Fans can go for a "ride" in a deflated hot air balloon. At the concession stands, meatballs and nuts will be discounted.

The team says it will invite Walt Anderson, the ref who presided over the AFC championship game, to inspect the game balls.

We will still remember Deflategate on April 15? Probably. People still talk about Spygate, too.

- Dan Gartland

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