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Dallas Stars F Tyler Seguin admits to having secret Snapchat account

Back before all these techno-gadgets and cyber-whatsits got popular, the only screenshot an NHL player had to worry about was when a puck hit the facemask on his helmet.

Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin has given himself an extra source of concern, however, admitting on Friday that he has a secret Snapchat account that he uses with friends only.

While Snapchat is not Seguin's first foray into social media, it has not yet brought him the same grief his earlier accounts did.

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According to USAToday, Seguin stressed that his Snapchat was secret, but was unaware that secret doesn't necessarily mean secure.

"When someone points out that not all Snapchat accounts are private, Seguin looks like he's having trouble not instantly reaching for his phone to double check."

"But, yeah, it's a secret," he finally admits."

It sounds like describing how he broke his hockey stick isn't the only snap story Seguin is busying himself with, but hopefully his previous incidents have better informed his behavior.

- Christopher Woody