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The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in America. While most of us are tuning in for the game, Super Bowl commercials are now as as important an experience as eating way too much fried food and fighting over which Puppy Bowl team is cutest.

With all those eyeballs glued to the television screen, advertisers know that the Super Bowl is a brand's prime opportunity to make an impression. This has produced some really great ads, but also plenty of groaners. Either way, while no one knows exactly what to expect when it comes to Super Bowl ads, it is possible to make some educated guesses.

Here's are some Super Bowl prop bets that we conjured up which you and your friends can use during the game. It'll help the hours (and hours and hours) of broadcasting fly by.

Number of ads featuring a dog and a baby:

Over/Under: 1.5

Number of Budweiser ads which feature a Clydesdale:

Over/Under: 1

Peyton Manning will be in a Super Bowl commercial

Yes: +140
No: -110

Number of superhero movie trailers that will play during the first half of the game:

Over/Under: 2

A commercial will feature someone getting punched in the groin:

Yes: -200
No: +110

At least one Super Bowl advertisement will star Tim Tebow:

Yes: +120
No: -120

"Gangnam Style" will be used in a Super Bowl ad:

Yes: +200
No: -150

"Uptown Funk" will be used in a Super Bowl ad:

Yes: +500
No: -100

Over/Under: 3

Number of times an advertisement for NBC's The Blacklist airs:

Over/Under: 1.5

Number of commercial that have monkeys wearing clothes in them:

Over/Under: 1

A commercial will feature under-inflated footballs:

Yes: +1000
​No: -1000

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Ryan Wong is a writer for Next Impulse Sports

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