Watch Ronda Rousey's speedy win over Cat Zingano in claymation

The speed of Ronda Rousey's recent victory over Cat Zingano lends itself perfectly to Instagram's 15-second video limit, and one animator decided to render the quick submission victory in clay.
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If your love of UFC is matched only by your love of MTV's now-defunct Celebrity Deathmatch series, we have the perfect video for you.

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Ronda Rousey's recent 14-second victory over Cat Zingano via arm bar submission lends itself perfectly to Instagram's 15-second format so user @azxd, rendered it in claymation form.

Rousey is equally dominant in clay form, although we did expect Clay Cat Zingano to be able to hold out a little longer than her real life counterpart, considering she does not have any bones in her arm to worry about.

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