Jim Harbaugh congratulates Judge Judy on her contract extension

Jim Harbaugh congratulated Judge Judy on her contract extension on Tuesday.
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Jim Harbaugh, Michigan football coach and noted Judge Judy fan, provided Tuesday's Twitter highlight of the day with his congratulations for the pre-eminent TV judge.

He even capitalized the first letters in "Devout Fan" so that we know this isn't a joke.

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The details, from CNN:

Other than the extension through 2020, there were no details announced about the contract for Sheindlin, 72, who has been starring on Judge Judy since September 1996. She reportedly is among the highest-paid personalities on television, earning about $45 million a year under her old contract (and without factoring in earnings from Hot Bench).

"I'm thrilled to be working with my CBS family for five more years and very excited about this new adventure in production," said Sheindlin. "I loved the experience of creating and developing Hot Bench and look forward to replicating its success with more new, compelling and smart TV."

Also from CNN: Judge Judy has been the No. 1 show in the TV courtroom genre for 969 consecutive weeks. Remarkable.

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We, of course, already knew Harbaugh was a big Judge Judy fan considering hewas on the show in June 2013.

The Big Ten sure will be fun this season.

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