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Umpire Jerry Crawford once told Greg Maddux how to strike out a batter mid-game

By Extra Mustard
March 23, 2015

Greg Maddux won 355 games and struck out 3,371 batters during his 23-year Hall of Fame career, but he didn't do it without some advice from an unlikely source. 

The 2014 Hall of Fame-inductee once received casual pitching advice in mid-game from umpire Jerry Crawford, who was refereeing second base at the time, according to a new book by former Atlanta Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone, who worked with Maddux from 1993-2003. 

(h/t R.J. Anderson for tweeting the excerpt)

Crawford - the son of 19-year MLB umpire Shag Crawford and the brother of this prancing NBA referee - worked the majors for 33 years, so he clearly saw more than his fair share of pitches.

And best of all, his advice worked. Crawford is responsible for at least one of Maddux's 3,371 strikeouts.

Does this mean we have to put an asterisk next to Maddux’s K count in Cooperstown?

- Will Green

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