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Action Bronson is a rapper, food connoisseur a big sports fan. We pulled out the best sports references from his new album, Mr. Wonderful.

By Extra Mustard
March 24, 2015

Action Bronson is a rapper, food connoisseur and a big sports fan. How many other rappers were fortunate enough to go to Derek Jeter's final game at Yankee Stadium?

He sampled Allen Iverson's "practice?" rant on a song in 2013 and sat down for an interview with SI a few years ago, too. 

His latest music video is a spoof on the classic Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America. It starts off with an argument about the upcoming Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

Yankees players recreate Babe Ruth 'Sandlot' scene

Bronson's new album, Mr. Wonderful, came out on Monday and we pulled out the best sports references. There might be some ones we omitted because they weren't family-friendly. Ask an adult for permission before you listen to the rest of it.

Indians fans are petrified of the SIcover jinx​

  • “Since Jeter’s done I’m now the captain”
  • “In goal-line situations I'll tackle The Fridge/Peace to Mike Ditka”
  • “Chuck Knoblauch, spicy coconut curry from the Thai spot”
  • “Things change, now my dashboard wooden/All black Benz, like a young Doc Gooden”
  • ​“Barry Bonds, barracuda, Chattanooga”
  • “The Magic Johnson of the game/These lames don’t want to play with me”

- Dan Gartland 

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