The saddest Teletubby in the world is a Wisconsin fan. And now it's playing the flute. 

By Extra Mustard
April 06, 2015

The saddest Teletubby in the world is a Wisconsin fan, and now he (or she? or it?) is rivaling March Madness icon 'Sad Piccolo Girl' for the ultimate NCAA tournament-related fan bummer. 

The Teletubbies were really enjoying the game earlier tonight. Here they are when Wisconsin took a nine-point lead, it's largest of the game. 


But then, things turned south for the Badgers. Wisconsin lost. And then one of the Teletubby people looked like this.

Or perhaps, more fittingly, it looked like this, evoking piccolo girl:

Is that a single, slow tear I see streaming down your face, sad Wisconsin Teletubby? Play your sweet song of sorrow, just like Roxanne Chalifoux did

- Will Green


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