Tuesday. A.M. Hot Clicks: lovely lady of the day Helen Owen; Kansas City Hot Dog Controversy

By Andy Gray
April 20, 2015

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WTF is This?

Courtesy of KCTV5

Excuse my foul language and decision not to lead Hot Clicks with all of last night's NBA action (including a testy Bulls-Bucks game and Golden State fans reacting to Monty' Williams noise complaints), but there is much more important news. On Friday, the Kansas City Royals held Buck Night in which fans could buy a $1 hot dog. Seems like an awesome deal, except the hot dogs were something I wouldn't feed my dog Larry, who is staring at me as I write this. The above photo shows a normal dog next to the $1 version. As you can see, this is beyond unacceptable and I hope Aramark is held accountable for this travesty.

77 F-Bombs

Reds manager Bryan Price was a bit upset with the Cincinnati Enquirer and managed to get off 77 f-bombs during a pregame talk with reporters. Lucky for us, all 77 (bleeped out, unfortunately) were captured on audio.

Three Unrelated But Amusing Items

A Boston Marathon spectator spent hours in the rain holding up a sign with a bad "your mother" joke ... These two Clippers fans got booted from Game 1 for bringing their own bottle of vodka to the game ... This little kid had the most perfectly timed "Roll Tide!" of all time.

Lovely Lady of the Day

It's been nearly three months since we featured model Helen Owen as Lovely Lady of the Day. That's way too long. She earns today's honors (click here for full-size gallery). 

How Long Would It Take You To Eat 216 Ounces of Steak?

It took competitive eater Molly Schuyler just 20 minutes to top off three 72-ounce steaks, complete with three baked potatoes, shrimp cocktails and salad.

Who's Excited for a Full House Reboot?

The new 13-episode series – Fuller House – will be on Netflix next year.

Getty Images

Denver Police > All Other Police

It's All About the Argyle

Safest Hat in Baseball

Tim Tebow Gets a Pretzel

Ronda Rousey Attends Renaissance Fair 


Odds & Ends

Warren Sapp's Super Bowl experience was slightly different than yours and mine ...  The Trail Blazers took a shot at Marc Gasol and Spanish players everywhere ... Things you could buy with the money the Mets owe Bobby Bonilla ... Sidney Crosby was locked out of the Penguins locker room ... A group of Seattle Seahawks players hung out with Snoop Dogg and E-40 ... Bubba Watson enjoyed some night golf while visiting China for the Shenzhen Invitational ... Dumb baseball injury of the week, courtesy of Miwaukee's Scooter Gennett ... How is it that ESPN didn't break the Tim Tebow returns story ... New sports feud: David Ortiz vs. Jim Palmer ... A high school pitcher threw 145 pitches in a 12-inning game ... Wonderlic scores of famous quarterbacks ... The prices of the first McDonald's, which opened 60 years ago. 

Behind The Scenes: Hannah Davis & Her Talking Horse

Our friends at DirecTV hooked us up with an exclusive behind-the-scenes video for their newest ad campaign, featuring SI Swimsuit cover model Hannah Davis and her horse. 

The Fox Steals Home

Louisville Cardinals right fielder Corey Ray with the rare walk-off steal of home base, which I don't think I've seen before. Unless, of course, you count the protagonist in Matt Christopher's book The Fox Steals Home. Speaking of, why don't more people talk about Matt Christopher. If you have an extra minute, go to the comments section and tell me if you ever read his books. There may be a free swimsuit calendar for the best response.

Bend it Like This Guvenc

Besiktas goalkeeper Gunay Guvenc somehow scores a goal despite being 20 feet behind the net.