Here's Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, made with the MyIdol app.

Here's how you, too, can turn Stephen Curry into a creepy, dancing, panda-costume-wearing cartoon.

By Lindsay Applebaum
April 24, 2015

Chances are you've seen at least a few creepy little cartoonish figures that look vaguely like people you know dancing around the internet over the last few days. 

It's all thanks to a Chinese avatar-making app called MyIdol, and you should probably just go to the App Store and get it right now, then stay up all night making videos of your digital doppelganger while cackling to yourself like a crazy person.

There's no English option, which presents a challenge. You can certainly push a bunch of buttons and figure it out, or you can scroll through this brief tutorial and be well on your way to making Steph Curry dance in a panda suit. 

First, download the app in the App Store. It's free!

MyIdol app

You can take a photo of yourself or use your camera roll. Pick a photo in which the person is facing the camera and doesn't have anything blocking their face. Then make sure all the markers are in the right places...

...and let the magic happen.

Here's someone who looks sorta like Steph Curry, except that the hair really isn't right at all.

Click that jacket icon in the bottom left and you'll see a whole bunch of options for hairstyles, eye and skin color (though there are definitely some limitations there) and, most importantly, outfits. If you still can't find the right hairstyle, you can do this:

Now the weirdness happens.

The possibilities are endless, as long as you're willing to wait for your videos to download (it takes a while).

Seriously, you won't be able to stop. 

Alex Ovechkin
Tim Tebow
Manny Pacquiao
Floyd Mayweather

Have fun, and feel free to tweet us your sports-inspired creations.

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