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Houston Texans star J.J. Watt wrote a handwritten note so a fan could attend his charity softball game. 

By Extra Mustard
April 27, 2015

The only thing better than watching J.J. Watt mash some dingers is watching J.J. Watt mash some dingers for a good cause.

Watt is hosting a charity softball game in the Houston area on Friday that pits the Texans offense against the defense. A fan named Ashlee Sanchez bought tickets to the event but needed an excuse to get the day off from work, so she asked Watt to write her boss a note. 

Watt obliged, and even went the extra mile. Not only did he draft the wrote, he wrote it in flawless handwriting on custom stationary.

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Watt makes some pretty persuasive arguments, and didn't even have to threaten to sack Ashlee's boss. 

- Dan Gartland

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