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New York's Museum of the Moving Image has a virtual reality system powered by the Oculus Rift that allows users to fly like a bird over Manhattan. 

By Extra Mustard
May 14, 2015

If only Icarus had the benefit of virtual reality. 

The Museum of the Moving Image in New York has a new flight simulator that uses the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to allow users to fly through the streets of Manhattan, free as a bird. 

The simulator is at the museum until June 7 and visitors can take off on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays, with special tickets. 

The user lays face down on a wooden platform and spreads their arms wings. They can control their flight with paddles connected to their hands. A fan mounted in front gives the illusion of wind in your face. 

The video is awesome enough, but being strapped in must be incredible. 

- Dan Gartland

[via Gothamist]

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