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By Extra Mustard
May 18, 2015

President Obama has finally made the jump to Twitter with a new @POTUS Twitter handle, and while he is only one tweet in people are already analyzing everything about the account.

One thing people have noticed is that he follows all of Chicago's major pro sports teams, with the notable exception of the Chicago Cubs.

Obama is a noted supporter of the Chicago White Sox, whose fans disdain their North Side neighbors.

The Cubs noticed that they had been left off of the President's feed.

The President has not taken quite as staunch an anti-Cubs stance as many of his fellow White Sox fans though, previously including the Cubs in the list of Chicago teams he would like to see make a trip to the White House to celebrate a championship.

Magic Johnson trolls the Clippers after blowout loss

So far the Blackhawks have been the only Chicago team to grab a title during Obama's presidency, winning the Stanley Cup in 2010 and 2013.

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