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Months after crying on national televsion, the Villanova piccolo player has her own bobblehead

By Extra Mustard
May 28, 2015

In the months since famously crying on national television, the Villanova piccolo girl has been turned into an Internet meme, played with the Roots on the Tonight Show and been handed free Taylor Swift tickets by Jimmy Fallon.

And now she has her own bobblehead.

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that raised $5,152, Roxanne Chalifoux will be featured in a bobblehead that will depict her playing the piccolo and crying. 

Chalifoux was apparently contacted by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, who hoped to turn her story into a bobblehead.

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Apparently all it takes to earn a bobblehead is bawling on national TV. Who knew?


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