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A high school student asked a girl to prom over the PA system at a school sporting event, but the girl shut him down in front of everyone.

By Extra Mustard
June 02, 2015

Extra Mustard has featured multiple "promposal" stories throughout the spring, but that does not mean they are not terrible ideas.

Why are they awful ideas? Because all the fun and the chance at brief viral stardom is vastly outweighed by the chance that you could end up like this poor fellow Patrick Smith, who asked a Park Ridge (NJ) high classmate to the year-end dance only to get the worst possible reaction.

Smith asks the lady "Is there any way you would want to come to prom with me?" over the loudspeaker at a school sporting event, with all the school's camera phones pointed at him, only to have the girl respond, to him and everyone watching, "I already have a date."

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This being the internet, there is a huge chance that this was a set-up, and we hope it is, because the only other option for this guy is a long summer of listening to sad songs in his bedroom.

The student should take heart in knowing that things like this even happen to number one draft picks sometimes.


Brendan Maloy

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